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The SheetDB wordpress plugin allows you to easily add content from Google Spreadsheet to your wordpress site. To add content, simply add shortcode that looks like this – [sheetdb url=““][/sheetdb]. Content from within will be rendered as many times as there are rows in the spreadsheet (excluding the first row, which are column names – definition). Each time a new row is rendered, you can refer to any value using the braces notation: {{column_name}}

Example spreadsheet: Example spreadsheet document

Example code:
[sheetdb url=“″ element=“ul“ limit=3 search=“id=*“ sort-by=“id“ sort-order=“desc“]
{{id}} – {{name}}

You can use following optional attributes:
* limit – The number of rows that should be returned
* offset – Row from which it should start (how many rows to skip)
* sheet – If you want to use a different sheet than the first one (default), enter the name of the tab you want to use here.
* search – You can search for specific data in your sheet. If you want to use more than one condition join them using & symbol. Example: search=“name=Tom&age=15″
* sort-by – The column you want to sort by
* sort-order – sort in asc or desc order

Additional information:
This plugin use to fetch data from Google Spreadsheet. You must have an account at SheetDB – account is free for 500 requests per month. More information at or at privacy policy

If you want to re-use your data, you can use the save attribute in your [sheetdb] element. To re-use your data use [sheetdb-slot]. You can use the same data inside as in the parent. To match them the value of save and slot must be the same.


[sheetdb url=“″ save=“slot-name“]

{{id}} – {{name}}


[sheetdb-slot slot=“slot-name“]



That way, you only use 1 request instead of 2. Slots have access to the same data as the parent. You can’t change things like limit or search.

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